For the characterization and analysis of potential contaminated sites, West Systems can providethe assessment of ionizing radiations in addition to the monitoring of chemical parameters.

West Systems can offer solutions to comply with the provisions of the EU Euratom Treaty, which requires for each member state to develop a plan for the national surveillance of ionizing radiations.

The services provided include the implementation of surveys for the measurement of natural and artificial radionuclides of all environmental matrices (water, soil and atmospheric particulate matter) and the development of specific equipment for continuous monitoring ofradioactivity. In the case of airborne particulate monitoring, West Systems is able to provide full measurement systems based on alpha and gamma spectrometry and beta counting chains.

Therefore, in the field of ionizing radiation, the offered services include:

  • Complete monitoring of natural and artificial radionuclides and assessment of background values
  • Verification of the effectiveness of the current “National Surveillance Plan”
  • Design, development and implementation of continuous monitoring systems for radioactiveatmospheric particulate matter
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the adopted monitoring measures


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