The Institutions involved in the project are:

  • West Systems srl (Project Leader)
  • Sant’Anna School of Advanced Study, Institute of Life Sciences
  • Region Tuscany – Department of Agriculture
  • INRA, ECG BioAtmGroup

Description of the project

The LIFE+IPNOA project is part of the “Life+Environment Policy and Governance Project application- Call 2011”

The Project involves the characterization of greenhouse gas emissions (nitrous oxide) in relation to agronomic practices, the evaluation (at regional scale) of the amount of gas released into the atmosphere and the development of best practices aimed at a substantial reduction of the emissions.

The project includes the design of 2 prototypes for the monitoring of N2O fluxesin agricultural soils. The 2 prototypes will be used to carry out a monitoring period in two specific sites:

  • Interdepartmental Agro-Environmental Research Centre- Enrico Avanzi (Pisa)
  • CESA Research Centre for Agricultural Technologies (Arezzo))

The results will be used by Region Tuscany, partner of the Project, to identify the Best Practices for the reduction of nitrous oxide emissions from agriculture.

West Systems, the project leader, will be in charge of the coordination and project management of the following activities:

  • Design, construction and calibration of the two prototypes, one for the real-timecontinuous monitoring of emissions and one portable, to monitor spatial variations of N2O fluxes.
  • Assessment of the impact following to the introduction of the two prototypes
  • Assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

West Systems will also be in charge of data outreach through website, participation to conferences, contacts with related associations, etc…