West Systems designs and develops integrated systems for the monitoring of environmental radioactivity. Thanks to its long experience in the field, West Systems is able to develop specific instruments for the monitoring of radionuclide pollution, systems for the measurement of alpha, beta and gamma radioactivity, for the evaluation of radon emissions and for the chemical and nuclear characterization of airborne particulate matter.

Gamma irradiation rate

West Systems produces monitoring systems and networks for the measurement of gamma irradiation rates, based on both Geiger detectors and on ionization chamber detectors. The monitoring points and the integrated units are equipped with a telemetry system for real time data transmission to a central receptor and their display on a PC. The system can also be connected to a synoptic panel for the display of pre-set alerts and send warning messages by SMS or email.

For the Italian Ministry of Defense, West Systems designed and developed, in the Archipelago of La Maddalena,a full monitoring system for gamma radiation surveys, as part of a project for the improvement of the existing monitoring network. The aim of the system is to allow a continuous measurement of natural and artificial radionuclide irradiation rate in the islands in La Maddalena, Caprera and Santo Stefano, for early warning purposes.

Airborne radioactivity

West Systems designs and produces instrumentation for airborne radioactivity monitoring and for the radio-isotopic characterization of atmospheric particulate matter. The monitoringsystems can be equipped with TSP(total suspended particulate) samplers which automatically perform the sampling of a predetermined volume of air collecting the particulate matter on a filter. The detection of airborne radioactivity on the collected sample occurs in real time. All the necessary further analyses can then be performed on the matter collected on the filter. The system can also be provided with additional sensors to monitor the concentration of dangerous gases(NH3, CO) in air.

Together with CNR-IGG and with a spinoff of the University of Florence, as part of an order for NATO-NAMSA (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and in close collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Defense, West Systems carried out the monitoring of sensitive areas and activities within the Inter-force firing range of Salto di Quirra, Sardinia, Italy.Airborne radioactivity was measured by specifically designed instruments, for the search of radio isotopes emitting gamma, alpha and beta rays. The characterization of metal nanoparticles on atmospheric particulate matter was also carried out, along withthe search for some analytical parameters(in particular heavy metals and depleted uranium), whose concentrations and isotopic ratios weremeasured with the ICP-MS technique.




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Brochure "Monitoraggio della radioattività ambientale"